Country Cove Christmas Tree Farm

Wreath Shoppe

Visit our full-service Wreath Shop for custom designed wreaths, bows, swags, centerpieces and garland to fit your home décor.   


$34 Medium Wreath (12" ring, approx. 24" diameter, no decor)

$46 Medium Wreath w/Bow of choice

$56 Medium Wreath w/Bow of choice + pine cones and berries

Swags and Other Items

$20 Centerpiece (6" ring, approx. 12" finished diameter) 

$18 Fireplace Swag (horizontal)

$30 Fireplace Swag w/Bow of choice

$29 Mailbox Cuddler, no bow

$45 Mailbox Cuddler, with outdoor red bow



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