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Wreath Shoppe

Visit our full-service Wreath Shop for a custom designed wreath, bow, swags, centerpiece and garland to fit your home décor.

Our wreaths are selling as quickly as they are made!  We have limited capacity this year, so plan on calling in your order before December 12.  Other items such as fireplace swags, broom swags, centerpieces, will be special order only since our wreath shop will be at half capacity this year. We can't take any more orders for garland as we are sold out.  


$30 Medium Wreath (12" ring, approx. 24" diameter)

$44 Large Wreath (16" ring, approx. 32" diameter)--Special Order Only


Swags and Other Items (Special Order Only)

$17 Fireplace (horizontal) Swag

$29 Fireplace (horizontal) Swag with a bow of your choice at pickup

$23 Broom (vertical) Swag

$35 Broom (vertical) Swag with a bow of your choice at pickup

$18 Centerpiece (6" ring, approx. 12" finished diameter) 

$28 Mailbox Cuddler, no bow

$43 Mailbox Cuddler, with outdoor red bow

Garland (Sold Out for 2020)

Fraser Fir only or Mixed Fraser Fir and White Pine 

$ 4 /ft. 


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