Country Cove Christmas Tree Farm



All our Pre-Cut trees are Premium grade and kept in our water pool barn since their arrival. We believe you won't find a fresher tree than ours! Fraser Firs, Douglas Firs, and Balsam Firs will be ready for pickup beginning November 19!  See below for the sizes and prices. Note that we do not have all sizes in any one tree.

Our Choose-and-Cut trees are planted in neat, 6' x 6' grids so they have plenty of room to grow full and tall. We supply the saw and the measuring stick; you choose your tree and cut it down! White Pine and Leyland Cypress will be ready to cut opening weekend.  All other choose-and-cut trees will be available to cut December 1.

All tree prices from Country Cove include shaking, baling and securing to your vehicle.


Fraser Fir has strong limbs, short, soft needles, mild fragrance and excellent needle retention.  Our Fraser Firs are from North Carolina.


7-8' = $ 133

8-9' = $ 189



Pre-Cut Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir trees have needles that are dark green or blue green, 1 to 1 1/2 inches long, soft to the touch and radiate out in all directions from the branch. The fragrance is sweet when the needles are crushed. Our Douglas Firs are from Oregon.



6'-7' =  $ 75 SOLD OUT

7'-8' = $ 90

8'-9' = $140 SOLD OUT





Choose-&-Cut White Pine

Long, soft branches with long, flexible, bluish-green needles that can be up to 5" long;  holds needles well; little to no aroma.

Up to 6' =  $57  

6-7' = $ 66

7-8' = $ 74 (low stock)      

8-9' =  $ 91 (very low stock)


Choose-&-Cut Leyland Cypress

Has dark green branches; good for allergy sufferers (little or no fragrance); check water level daily.  These trees tend to dry out more quickly than others so keep the tree stand filled with water and away from heat sources.

Up to 6' = $ 59

6-7' =       $ 70

7-8' =       $ 81

8-9' =       $ 92 (low stock)


Choose-&-Cut Turkish Fir 

The Turkish Fir has flat, dark green, waxy needles and strong, symmetrical branches.  Needle retention is excellent. Not available to cut until December 1.

Up to 6' =   $ 80 

6-7' =         $ 94 (low stock)

7-8' =        $ 108 (very low stock)




Choose-&-Cut Carolina Sapphire

Has blue-green lacy branches; orange scent; check water level daily. Carolina Sapphire's will dry out quicker, even with a full water stand. Not available to cut until December 1.

Up to 6' =  $ 59

6-7' =  $ 70

7-8' =  $ 81   

8-9' =  $ 92 (low stock)





Choose-&-Cut Norway Spruce 

The Norway Spruce tree has dark green needles with strong branches. Needle retention is poor if the tree is not put in water very soon after cutting. Check water level daily and keep away from heat sources. Not available to cut until December 1.

Up to 6' =  $73

6-7' =        $83

7-8' =         $99