Country Cove Christmas Tree Farm


Q-Do I need to bring a saw to cut down my tree?
A-No, we provide the bow saws and the measuring pole.

Q-What about string to tie the tree onto my car? Do I need to tie it on myself?
A-No, we provide the string and we will tie it onto your car--even a small one!

Q-Is there a charge for the wagon ride, hot chocolate and cider?
A-No, it's all complimentary if you are tree shopping.

Q-Can I bring my dog?
A-Yes, as long as he is leashed and picked-up after. He can't however, come into the Christmas Shop.

Q-Can I take pictures with my cell phone?
A- Yes, as long as you are not bothering other tree shoppers by demanding them to get out of your shot!

Q-Can I bring props to take photos during my tree shopping?
A-No, we allow photographers on the property before tree selling season begins and they have priority then.  After we open for tree business, tree shoppers have priority.

Q-Do you have restrooms on the farm?
A-Yes, portable restrooms.

Q-Do you take credit or debit cards, too?
A-Yes, we take cash, credit and debit cards.  No checks.

Q-Will my tree live until January 1st?
A-Yes, as long as you keep water in the tree stand.  Never let it get dry or below the bottom of the trunk.  Keep the tree away from heating vents, fireplaces and sunny windows.  Also, use LED lights as they are cooler than the traditional lights.

Q-Do you have food on the farm?
A-Yes, some weekends we will have Kirby's Mini-Donuts food truck at the farm.  They will be selling hamburgers, hotdogs, and many other food items, including their famous mini-donuts!

Q-Can I post a photo on Facebook and Instagram from my visit?
A-Yes, our facebook page is and our instagram page is

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